Support Material

On this page you will find documentation about AgriOcean DSpace.

Installation and Configuration

The current version of AgriOcean DSpace is 1.1. It contains a batch import module for AGRIS AP, Endnote and Web of Science RIS files. The installation files can be downloaded from Google Code:

Additional information regarding installation and configuration is available in the following documents:

Types of Content

The submission procedure of data in AgriOcean DSpace relies on a specific list of types of content such as, journal contribution, book section and book, proceeding paper and conference contribution, research report, working paper or thesis.

Learning Materials

It is fairly straight forward to use AgriOcean DSpace (although an appreciation of DSpace features is essential). Brief videos and some additional presentation can be viewed here:

DSpace Training Materials.

Since AgriOcean DSpace is a DSpace customization a lot of background documentation can be downloaded from the DSpace Community.


For all your questions, suggestions and requirements please join the AgriOcean DSpace Group of Interest. Once you have logged in, you can contribute with new blog posts and receive updates on new developments and solved bugs.