Webinar : What is GODAN? Network, Action & Secretariat

The free GODAN e-learning course on Open Data and Research Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition focuses on how to deal with different types of data formats and uses, and on the importance of reliability, accessibility, interoperability and transparency of data 

This course is enriched by a number of Webinars designed to strengthen the course content, and to give course participants broader perspective in the relevant Open Data areas.

The GODAN Action team will offer similar programmes later in the year (2018). 

The Webinar "What is GODAN? Network, Action & Secretariat" was presented by Martin Parr (@parr2_parr on Twitter), Program Manager at Global Open Data for Agriculture (GODAN) (@godanSec on Twitter), who :

  • Delivered a great talk on GODAN initiative, it’s principles and what it does to advocate and develop capacity in the sector;
  • Allowed participants to create interactive environments with their questions and discussions.

The session visited some definitions of Data on the data spectrum, also through examining the work of the network’s facilitation mechanism (the GODAN Secretariat), and its research and capacity building and research unit (GODAN Action: #GODANAction) in communicating the value of open data in the sector.



Presenter: Martin Parr

Currently, nearly 800 million people struggle with debilitating hunger and malnutrition and can be found in every corner of the globe. That’s one in every nine people, with the majority being women and children. 
A core principle behind Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition (GODAN) is that a solution to Zero Hunger (Sustainable Development Goal 2) lies within existing, but often unavailable, agriculture and nutrition data (source: AIMS).

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