AgroPortal is an ontology portal/repository (with periodically updated versions) dedicated to the agronomic and plant domains.

AgroPortal includes Knowledge Organisation Systems (KOS) about multiple aspect of agricultural data: technologies, breeding, food, plant phenotypes and traits, anatomy, etc. Those ontologies have been uploaded in collaboration with several driving use cases including: INRA Linked Open Vocabularies, Crop Ontology project, AgroLD project, RDA Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group, VEST/ AgroPortal Map of Standards and others.

The VEST/AgroPortal unique map of standards (and its continuation on the VEST/AgroPortal platform at is the result of collaboration of AgroPortal team with FAO within GODAN Action (note: AgroPortal was presented at the GODAN Summit 2016).  

AgroPortal reuses the NCBO BioPortal infrastructure and customizes it. 

Visit AgroPortal to browse/search ontology-based projects, create new project in the AgroPortal community and much more:

With the BioPortal installation,  AgroPortal obtains the following features (and many others):

All issues/notes about AgroPortal can be viewed on GitHub.

For further information contact AgroPortal team.

AgroPortal is indexed in Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications.