Using Dgroups to scale up online Networking and Communication in the Rural Water Supply Network

Take a look at a new Dgroups Foundation item: a case study : Using Dgroups to scale up online networking and communication in the Rural Water Supply Network. This item is based on an in-depth interview of Sean Furey (Skat/RWSN) by Saskia Harmsen and includes a video and full transcript of the interview [4-page PDF].

This case study describes why RWSN has chosen to use Dgroups as their main tool for communicating with partners and clients all over the world. It explains how they’ve been using Dgroups and what results it helped the network achieve. Finally, it presents the key lessons learned by RWSN on what makes an active group, and how to sustain conversation and exchanges in online communities.


Dgroups invites other Dgroups partners to be interviewed in order to compile a growing collection of experience in using Dgroups.

Welcome to the Dgroups partnership :  News and updates.

In its heart - DGroups is a dialogue platform that connects a partnership of groups working in international development. Designed to be as simple and inclusive as possible DGroups uses e-mail as a mode of communication rather than web forums, facilitating users in countries in the south with low bandwidth.

Dgroups is working for a world where every person is able to contribute to dialogue and decision-making for international development and social justice.

To date, Dgroups supports more than 700 communities of practice, with more than 150.000 registered users and delivers around 460.000 email messages each day, half of which are exchanged with and within low-income countries.