Upcoming course on the Development and Management of E-Repositories

The IOC project Office for IODE has announced the Development and Management of E-Repositories course  to be held on the 8th to the 12th of April 2013. This course will discuss the expertise and resources to provide the confidence required to address and manage the present and future repository agenda. The course is intended for information specialists wishing to set up repositories, data managers, repository managers and librarians.
Some of the topics to be covered, include:-
  1. Open Access and repositories
  • Open Access overview
  • Marine repositories
  • OceanDocs, Aquatic Commons
  • Harvesters: OAIster – VOA3R
  • Data repositories

  2. Repository software Overview:

  • AgriOcean Dspace
  • Open standards and exchangeability: Metadata formats, Authority control 
  • Development of an institutional repository policy:
  • Gaining Content
  • Copyright – overview and institutional policy
  • Future repository trends : Linked Open Data, Digital Asset preservation etc
For more information about this course visit the OceanTeacher platform to see the agenda, objectives and the list of selected participants.