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    agINFRA EC project successfully concluded and... continuing

    The agINFRA project of the European Commission (EC 7th framework program INFRA-2011-1.2.2) was successfully completed.agINFRA aimed at developing a shared infrastructure and computationally empowered services for agricultural research data, with a strong focus on achieving a higher level of interoperability.agINFRA came to an end in February 2015 and ...
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    ODS webinar on Metatadata for Learning Resources

    The Open Discovery Space (ODS) project offers a series of free webinars on different topics related to the adoption of Open Educational Resources. In this context, the ODS project consortium is kindly inviting you to attend their next webinar entitled "Metadata for Learning Resources". This webinar aims at introducing the ...
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    Building digital educational repositories for agriculture: The AgLR tool

    While there is a wealth of open source software repositories for bibliographic records, such as DSpace, Eprints etc., this is not the case for the educational ones; a short research showed that there are only a few solutions for this purpose and most of them are proprietary ones, commercial software ...