information management specialist

  • ORCID: Connecting Research & Researchers

    The objective of this webinar is to provide a short overview about various aspects of the ORCID. How can you get or assign ORCID identifiers? Where and how is the ORCID used? Who’s behind the ORCID? What is the business model of ORCID?
  • SemaGrow demonstrator: “Web Crawler + AgroTagger”

    The webinar will present the SemaGrow demonstrator “Web Crawler + AgroTagger”, in order to collect feedback, ideas and comments about the status of the development and how the demonstrator helps to overcome data problems. SemaGrow is a project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission, aiming at ...
  • Open Access to Agricultural Research: Developments and policies

    Within the last years the awareness about scholarly communication has been raised which is important for the formulation of future policies in this area. This development can be deduced from the growing number of Open Access journals and repositories which are mostly supported by the scholar community. The Directory of ...
  • Webinar on the F1000Research approach to Open Science publishing

    This webinar is part of the activities related to the Pathway Open Access : Repositories and Publishers, and organized by the CIARD Community.About the webinarThe Open Science journal F1000Research was launched in 2012 in order to address many of the shortcomings of conventional life science publishing, particularly those that exacerbate ...
  • An overview of EPrints : The University of Glasgow's Experience

    This webinar will provide an overview of the features of the open source EPrints repository software. It will showcase its functionality and demonstrate how it is used by institutions like the the University of Glasgow to support open access and make our research more readily available.