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    Vocbench 2.2 has been released

    Dear Vocbenchers,After almost seven months, a new version of VocBench (2.2) has been released.We had so many features being developed in parallel, that one month ago we decided to consolidate a few of them and freeze the others for a while, so to have a first release 2.2 and then ...
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    The European Ontology Network (EUON)

    The European Ontology Network (EUON) is a network of experts in ontologies as well as other types of semantics such as terminologies, vocabularies and schemas. The network is base in Europe and is domain-agnostic, therefore it engages experts from different disciplines, including natural sciences, physical sciences, humanities, arts, languages, social ...
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    i4life: indexing the world's species

    The Indexing for Life (i4Life) project interlinks and harmonises the taxonomic catalogues of six major Global Biodiversity Programmes (GBPs) with the Catalogue of Life. Its objectives are to: help complete a common species catalogue; allow gap analysis in our knowledge; facilitate communication among scientists; create a Virtual Research Community. ...