Joint Webinar of FREME and LD4LT on language technologies

The FREME project is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to address the general systemic and technological challenges in order to validate multilingual and semantic technologies that are ready for their integration in real life business cases in innovative way. These technologies are capable to process (harvest and analyse) content, capture datasets, and add value throughout content and data value chains across sectors, countries, and languages. Agroknow provides one of the Business Cases of the Project, titled “Enhancing the cross language sharing and access to open agricultural and food data”.

The Linked Data for Language Technology Community (LD4LLT) Group is one of the W3C Community and Business groups and aims to consult with current and potential users of lingusitic data to assemble user cases and requirements for Language Technology Applications that use Linked Data. The results will be used to guide future interoperability, research and development activities spanning the language technology and linked data domains, including via the OntoLex and BP-MLOD community groups. Potential users are companies and public bodies involved in content management, the language services and localisation industry and other applications of content analytics techniques used in search, recommender systems, sentiment analysis and terminology management.

In the context of a collaboration, the FREME project and LD4LT group are organizing a Webinar on Monday 22/2/2016 at 16.00 CET. If you are interested in attending the webinar, you are invited to contact Felix Sasaki (Felix.Sasaki at dfki dot de), the coordinator of the FREME project by 17/2/2015 12.00 and express your interest in the Webinar, so that you will be informed of the URL of the webinar and other practicalities.