Access to Data from Rothamsted's Long-term Experiments on crops, soils and associated ecosystems

e-RA provides a permanent managed database for secure storage of data from Rothamsted's Long-term Experiments, the oldest, continuous agronomic experiments in the world. Selected data from long term experiments are being made freely available to the scientific community, as prepared summaries of commonly requested data. This recognises the national and international importance of the data. 


Together with the accompanying meteorological recordsassociated documentation and sample archivee-RA is a unique historical record of experiments that have been measured continuously for over 170 years:

Broadbalk Experiment * 

Exhaustion Land Experiment

Park Grass Experiment *

Woburn Ley Arable Experiemnt

Hoos Barley Experiment *

Alternate Wheat and Fallow Experiment 

Met Data Experiment *

Other Long Term Experiments

Wilderness Experiments *


The *Open Access data are available to all, no password is required, although we ask that users acknowledge Rothamsted Research as the data source.

Other data are password-protected and access is subject to e-RA Data Access Policy.

Rothamsted relies on the integrity of the user to ensure that Rothamsted Research receives suitable academic acknowledgment as being the originators of these data, and offer assistance to users to help ensure that where these data are being applied they are represented and interpreted in a rigorous way. 

Please contact the e-RA Curators to arrange a password, for further information, or to extract data on your behalf.

Extract Data shows the current datasets.

The searchable Bibliography lists over 1400 publications connected with the experiments.

The e-RA database is part of the Long-term Experiments National Capability, which also includes the Long-Term Experiments, the Sample Archive and the Environmental Change Network.


Source: e-RA: the electronic Rothamsted Archive


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