AgINFRA Newsletter (June) available now

The 4th agINFRA Newsletter (June) is available now!

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The June issue opens up with an account of the G8 International Conference on Open Data in Agriculture which took place last April in Washington DC. The outcome of the G8 for agINFRA is that the project is included in the European Commission Action Plan, as part of its ongoing commitment to delivering open data to publically funded agricultural data for Africa and worldwide users.

Watch Johannes Keizer (FAO)'s presentation on AgINFRA and OpenAGRIS at the G8 on Youtube.

Other topics treated by the newsletter include:

  • what are we working on? agINFRA Germplasm Working Group
  • Watch Green Ideas 2012 Speaker & agINFRA Project Partner Nikos Manouselis in Action!
  • Meet the partners: Johannes Keizer of FAO of the UN
  • Upcoming agINFRA Sponsored Event: Blue Hackathon 2013
  • GBIF database enables global study on thousands of species exposed to climate change
  • Working Focus: Integrating the Infrastructure
  • 2nd agINFRA Training School shows Porting Results
  • Friends of agINFRA: SemaGrow
  • Meeting of Minds: 4th Project Meeting in Budapest, Hungary

About agINFRA

agINFRA is designed to remove obstacles blocking open access to scientific information and data in agriculture, as well as improve the preparedness of agricultural scientific communities to face, manage and exploit the abundance of relevant data that is available to support agricultural research. Ultimately, agINFRA will demonstrate how a data infrastructure for agricultural scien­tific communities is set up to facilitate data generation, provenance, quality assessment, certification, curation, annotation, navigation and management.