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The European Multiple MOOC Aggregator EMMA  aims to showcase excellence in innovative teaching methodologies and learning approaches through the large-scale piloting of Massive Open Online Courses MOOCs on different subjects and in multiple languages.  The 34 MOOCS are distributed into the seven clusters: Computer Science & ICT, Education, Business & Economics, Art & Humanities,  Law, Science, Social Sciences. Just choose a course that matches your interests and join it for free!

What is EMMA and what does it offer?

The European Multiple MOOC Aggregator, called EMMA for short, is an European platform (led by the Federica Web Learning team at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy) that provides multiple language support to the access to free, open, online Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) on different subjects and from different European universities.

Check this video to get a better idea of what is a MOOC.

EMMA has a team working on its pedagogical, technical and multicultural side. In particular, twenty-one EMMA MOOC Providers are proud to present their MOOCS Courses as the latest evolution of online learning.

EMMA uses innovative Learning Analytics approach to monitor and help the development of the MOOC participants' learning processes. 

As the project grows, the plan is to involve other universities, helping them to make their MOOCs available through the EMMA platform.

Your organization could also become a partner of EMMA!

How could you enroll in a course on EMMA?

First of all, you will need to sign up in the platform to create your access credentials. Then you can get enrolled in the course of your preference, clicking on the enroll button which is available to all courses currently available in the EMMA platform.

EMMA offers a series of MOOC courses (check for the common structure) that you can follow (with deadlines in the courses), studying the different units in each lesson and completing all courses assignments to understand the subject presented in the course and to check your learning.

Check A-Z Emma Tutorial for course overview. 

To help users to work and learning with EMMA platform resources, EMMA provides answers also to the following questions:

For the time being, there are no costs associated to your enrollment in any of the EMMA courses. Once the piloting experience will finish, a small registration fee will be in place to allow the sustainability of the services offered by EMMA.

Furthermore, EMMA currently does not issue completion certificates, but you can check directly with your teacher whether there is a certificate of course you're enrolled in.

Courses related to Information Management, Agriculture and related sciences in general

What courses could be of interest for the agricultural and related communities facing a number of issues in digital technology, food, climate change,  etc.?

MOOC provides a number of entry points to Open Educational Resources (under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA, unless stated otherwise) connected with these topics - with both theoretical underpinnings and practical hands-on experience.

You could take a look at the following (active and archived) courses:

The E-waste Challenge

Open Wine University


Climate Change: taking Science into Lived experiences

Business Intelligence

Digital Culture and Writing

Technology Enhanced Learning


Mobile Devices in Everyday Life

Copyright – DIY

Excel 2010

Search on the Internet

Developing blended learning

21st Century Learning

Learning design

Designing Online Courses with the 7Cs Framework

Computer-Assisted Inquiry

EPortfolio Self-development Study

Digital library in principle and practice

The main objective of all MOOCS is to provide you  (as expert and non-expert user) with essential (conceptual and instrumental) knowledge for the creation of your personal ePortfolio strategy. This latter will help you to achieve your individual or organizational objectives as well as to enhance your current practices.

Learning activities will help you focus on specific issues and articulate informed and evidence-based views and results.

The output of each learning activity will provide a means for your reflective process.

If you have any doubt, comment or suggestion about EMMA, you could send an email to [email protected]

If you need support for technical issues, please contact: [email protected]


European Multiple MOOC aggregator EMMA

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Task based MOOC design: challenges and opportunities

The EMMA project joined the Open Education week 2016 with a webinar (can be watched here) on designing instruction in massive online education according to the principles of task-centered design supporting active and collaborative knowledge construction.

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