Links to the Web sites mentioned in LODE-BD Webinar

At the LODE-BD Webinar today, I mentioned some useful sources for locating LOD datasets, vocabularies, properties, and examples of bibliographic data. Here are the links to some of them. 

1. Where to find available LOD datasets:

  • The Data Hub: (check under certain groups, such as "Bibliographic Data", "Library Linked Data" group).

2. Where to find metadata schemas/vocabularies, or find the properties already being defined by any RDF vocabulary or OWL ontology:

(Find a vocabulary or check its relationship with other vocabularies. Search a property name you are looking for, e.g., "audiance" and find out which namespaces have defined it.)

3. Name Authority Service

(Includes 20+ name authority files contributed by national libraries and major research institutions.)

4. Subject vocabularies available as LOD datasets:

(& find more in The Data Hub).

5. Examples of bibliographic data that are available as LOD:

LODE-BD appendixes also provide lists of references related to Linked Data:

Feel free to leave your question or comments. And thank you for your participation and contribution!