LODE-BD Recommendations 2.0 available on AIMS now!

The second beta version of the Linked Open Data-enabled Bibliographical Data (LODE-BD) Recommendations has been released and is now online available on AIMS in pdf form, please go to: aims.fao.org/lode/bd. LODE-BD aims to support the selection of appropriate encoding strategies for producing meaningful Linked Open Data (LOD)-enabled bibliographical data (directly or indirectly).

Use for structured data describing bibliographic resources

The LODE-BD recommendations are applicable for structured data describing bibliographic resources such as articles, monographs, theses, conference papers, presentation materials, research reports, learning objects, etc. – in print or electronic format.

Decision trees for common properties

The core component of LODE-BD contains a set of recommended decision trees for common properties used in describing a bibliographic resource instance. Each decision tree is delivered with various acting points and the matching encoding suggestions. The full range of options presented by LODE-BD will enable data providers to make their choices according to their development stages, internal data structures, and the reality of their practices.

Relation with a resource being described: Resource has contributor