Moving Open Access Implementation Forward

In December 2016, JISC released Moving Open Access Implementation Forward: A Handbook for Open Access Good Practice Based on Experiences of UK Higher Education Institutions. The handbook is based on the experiences of the nine pathfinder projects. Though this resource is aimed at staff involved in supporting open access implementation in the UK, it is also of use to others. The handbook is published under the CC BY 4.0 licence.


Following the completion of the Open Access Good Practice (OAGP) initiative, JISC has produced a new handbook based on the experiences of the nine pathfinder projects  (involving 30 universities plus a wider community of practice of more than 200 professionals from 90 universities). The pathfinder projects are producing advice, guidance, models, case studies and other support materials to help the higher education sector to implement open access (OA) as efficiently as possible.

      # OA good practice (JISC, short video) 

     # An introduction to OA (JISC, quick guide) 

     # Complying with OA policies (JISC, quick guide) 

 The handbook summarises the lessons learned by the projects and points towards key tools and resources, according to the following recommendations: 

Baselining and policy compliance



Capture your current situation


Benchmark against other institutions


Treat implementation as a project


Take advantage of opportunities for change


Integrate compliance with other reporting and systems


Involve stakeholders from across your institution


Incorporate open access into institutional strategies


Find positive solutions


Set up regular reviews

Structures and workflows



Find the right approach for your institution


Review your whole workflow or fine tune individual tasks


Coordinate processes across your institution


Think about mapping to existing processes


Consider how you handle REF exceptions


Explore workflow models


Ensure sustainability




Get to know your researchers and how they work


Keep the message clear and simple


Promote the wider benefits


Help researchers navigate the policy landscape


Use a range of approaches


Review your support regularly


Encourage institution-wide involvement


Get the buy-in of key stakeholders or champions


Ensure support staff have the right skills

Cost management



Understand the OA cost management landscape


Capture workflow costs


Adapt your cost management workflow to make time-saving efficiencies


Track down “APCs paid in the wild”


Provide feedback


Make a case for an institutional open access fund

Metadata and systems interoperability



Standardize your data entry


Implement systems that will help you automate OA workflows


Be part of the discussion

   # A detailed review of the initiative and the individual projects, including a list of outputs by project, can be found in the final report OA Good Practice Initiative.  

   # comprehensive list of the resources produced as part of the initiative is also available.

   # Read the full text of the handbook here.

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