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Open Agriculture Foundation: Why it does what it does

Open Agriculture Foundation (OpenAg) - founded in 2015 by Caleb Harper as an initiative of the MIT Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - is an open-source community of more than 2,000 members working towards building an ecosystem that spans research, non-profit, and commercial ventures. OpenAg aims to:

Provide agriculture and food systems with new technological insights to help accelerate efforts in transition to smarter, healthier, more engaging, and more inventive food;

Bring together/connect partners from academia, students, philanthropic organizations, and industry to support the use and accessibility of Food Computers in education

Help educators to foster high-impact, transformational experiences

To propel open source research using MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAgTM)  Food Computers TM devices, OpenAg decided to run its application back end and data analytics on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which has already:

Empowered educators and citizens to grow food with better yield, flavour, and nutrient density;

Helped the community create the Open Phenome, an open-source digital library of Climate Recipes (designed to maximize desirable plant traits by correlating plant responses to environmental variables), which Food Computers run to control their environment;

Revealed insights into climate, genetics, and other variables with data analytics.

For its data analytics project, the Open Ag has focused on integrating its Food Computers using Google Cloud IoT core and translating that information into publicly available structured data with Google BigQuery. Full datasets will be given to science and academic communities, according to Google.

For more information on Google Open Agriculture Foundation, visit the source.

OpenAg is on a mission to create more farmers for the future of food production. To this end, OpenAg is developing the open source hardware and software platforms for sensor-controlled hydroponic and aeroponic agriculture systems. You can contribute!


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