OpenAGRIS present at OR2012

At the 7th International Conference on Open repositories (OR2012) AIMS will present a poster on OpenAGRIS, entitled 'The OpenAGRIS (s)mashup: Using linked data and web services to augment AGRIS repository content'.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has recently transformed its bibliographic repository, AGRIS, into an RDF concept-based repository. This conversion process permits the automatic interlinking of AGRIS data to other existing datasets using vocabulary alignments and thus provides more complete information on specific agricultural topics, expanding AGRIS’ intrinsic knowledge.

The team published the repository as Linked Data and implemented strategies to auto-link the full-text resources described by the bibliographic records where the link was not included in the metadata. We then developed OpenAGRIS, a Web application entirely based on RDF that dynamically aggregates information from Web-available data, mashing up interlinked datasets into a constellation of related information. The translation process, together with the semantic tool OpenAGRIS raised many issues, such as the need to disambiguate and clean AGRIS content, the importance of addressing the proof and trust layers of the AGRIS system, and finally the many technical and standards-based steps necessary to publish Linked Data such that it may be automatically discovered and easily interpreted.

International Conference on Open Repositories

OR2012 will take place in Edinburgh on July 9-13 July, 2012. The theme and title of the 2012 conference at Edinburgh – Open Services for Open Content: Local In for Global Out – reflects the current move towards open content, ‘augmented content’, distributed systems and data delivery infrastructures.

The conference will have both general conference sessions and open user group meetings for the three main open source repository platforms: DSpace, Fedora, and Eprints.  There will also be a strand for the popular ‘Repository Fringe’, an informal, creative gathering of repository managers and developers which has been hosted at the University of Edinburgh each year since 2008 – to coincide with the internationally well known Edinburgh Fringe Festival.