Recorded GODAN Webinar : Strategies for Supporting Collaborations and Building Relationships for Opening Data in Agriculture

The free GODAN e-learning course on Open Data and Research Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition - started on 13 November 2017 - is at its third week.

The course focuses on how to deal with different types of data formats and uses, and on the importance of reliability, accessibility, interoperability and transparency of data

The course is enriched by a number of Webinars designed to strengthen the course content, and to give course participants broader perspective in the relevant Open Data areas.

The third course Webinar introduced the 
Strategies for supporting collaborations and building relationships for Opening Data in agriculture

We would like to thank the guest webinar speaker - Ruthie Musker (*), who:

The recording and the slides of this Webinar are now available here: 

Resources & links : 

Slides (online-Slide Share

Video recording (Online-YouTube)  

(*) About Ruthie Musker, Strategic Projects and Partnership Leads at GODAN. 

Ruthie Musker oversees GODAN’s Partner Network of over 600 partners including governments, industry, foundations, NGOs and farmer organizations. Her current projects include advising partners on overcoming Open Data challenges, advancing donors and universities Open Data policies and practice, creating implementation plans for governments to Open Data, improving the GODAN partner user experience, and developing a specific strategy to open nutrition data responsibly. 

Ruthie holds a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Los Angeles in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and has performed ecology field research in California, Mexico, and Africa. She received a Master’s of Science from University College London in Environmental Conservation and received a Distinction on her Master’s thesis on information gaps in published materials of human-elephant conflict data. Before joining GODAN, she worked for the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at University of California, Davis and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich to assess resilience along agricultural value chains, by developing ontologies and standardized vocabularies, and analysing indicator metrics. 

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