Recorded webcast of "D8 - Open Data for Agriculture: G8 side event at IFPRI"

The recorded webcast of the 8 presentations held at the "D8 - Open Data for Agriculture" event is now available on the website of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and on Youtube.

The event took place on the 1st of May, the day after the "G-8 International Conference on Open Data for Agriculture" in Washington, DC. In the context of this international conference, IFPRI took the opportunity to talk about IFPRI’s Open Data for Agriculture and share with the agricultural community "what’s available, who’s using it, how they’re using it, and how you can access it."

Presenting OpenAGRIS at IFPRI

In addition there were presentations on other organizations and systems using Open Data for agriculture. Among these, the presentation on OpenAGRIS by Johannes Keizer (Twitter) of the AIMS community. Keizer showed the development from AGRIS to OpenAGRIS by linking other open data sets to the bibliographic AGRIS records, like Nature, DBpedia, FAO Country Profiles, the World Bank, IFRI and many more. He concluded his talk with the encouragement "As more data you make open, as more we will link to them through AGRIS, as more you will also get visibility."