AgriDrupal Background

One of the main obstacles towards a more efficient management and sharing of agricultural knowledge is the lack of good standard-compliant tools whose adoption and maintenance is really sustainable. In particular, in the implementation of repositories, agricultural Institutions have often faced some common issues in the selection of appropriate software tools, like the need to integrate a repository search and browse interface with their website, the need to implement custom content models, or custom metadata models, and the need to be able to exchange information with other systems and participate in networks.

Suite of solutions

AgriDrupal is a “suite of solutions” for agricultural information management and dissemination, with special functionalities for repository management, built on the Drupal Content Management System. These solutions are provided, discussed and tested by different Institutions and individuals who are sharing their experiences in the AgriDrupal community. Besides being available as modular solutions for Drupal, AgriDrupal can also be delivered as a full-fledged information management and dissemination tool putting together the best solutions implemented by the members of the community.

Please be reminded that what we call "AgriDrupal demo package" is not a tool that we officially distribute or maintain: it is only a demo Drupal setup packaged with the features that we find useful for agricultural information management.
The versions available for download come with no guarantee, are not maintained and are to be considered test versions for circulation in the AgriDrupal community and for testign and adoption only by users who know Drupal and can use and customize AgriDrupal with no assistance.

To make sure you download the current latest version of the AgriDrupal demo package, download it from the latest version folder here: