RDA/IGAD Webinar Series: 'COPO Extending the Frontiers of “FAIR” Data in Agriculture'

As part of the Research Data Alliance's (RDA)/ Agricultural Data Interest Group's (IGAD) ongoing webinar series, aimed to keep up with cutting edge developments in agricultural data, and encourage the free flow of ideas, the latest webinar took place on 12 February 2020.

The webinar focused on Collaborative Open Plant Omics (COPO): Extending the frontiers of “FAIR” Data in Agriculture as and featured Anthony Etuk, Research Software Engineer of the Davey Group, Earlham Institute, Norwich, United Kingdom.

Throughout the webinar, participants learned more about the Collaborative Open Plant Omics (COPO), which is a system that attempts to address some of these challenges by enabling scientists to describe their data and research objects using community-sanctioned metadata, and then use public or institutional repositories to share it with the wider scientific community. Data generators are encouraged to use rich semantic metadata when publishing research objects, thus allowing data consumers and tools to find, aggregate, and analyse data which was previously invisible or not shared at all.