OKAD & F1000Research: a very different approach to publishing agricultural research

Open access has been a positive force in scientific publishing. But the removal of paywalls and restrictive licencing are not the only issues that need to be tackled; unnecessary delays to publication, irreproducible findings, publication biases, and poor access to underlying data and code also need to be addressed. This is especially important in agriculture and nutrition research where quick, unrestricted access to knowledge is crucial to solving urgent issues including food security, biodiversity conservation, and emerging infectious diseases in crops and animals.

This webinar will cover how the novel approaches taken by the publication venue Open Knowledge in Agricultural Development (OKAD) and the publishing platform it is hosted on,F1000Research, are addressing these issues. OKAD publishes academic articles, posters and slide presentations involving open knowledge projects within all areas of agriculture, nutrition and agro-biodiversity. By using F1000Research’s  post-publication peer review platform, OKAD ensures rapid access to research within days of submission. Experts are invited to peer review upon publication, and their signed peer review reports are published alongside the article. All articles and any associated data and code are made publically available.