Value-added services for the Wageningen Institutional Repository (WaY)

The presentation introduced the Wageningem Yield (WaY) repository within the context of the METIS system (a university-wide research information system also used as a data entry for the repository). Through this infrastructure, the repository contents have managed to grow, for example, since 2003, 100 000 records were fed to the repository by the METIS system. Besides positioning the repository within the research system, other repository value added services have been initiated. The presentation reviewed the advanced bibliometric analysis.

The bibliometrics reports play a central role at Wageningem UR and citation analysis are used to come up with tenure track reports with respect to publication credits. The generated citation analysis are compared with Web of Science Citations and the Essential Science Indicators to produce comprehensive citation analysis for authors, disciplines, units and the organisation as a whole. In this way, the library establish where Wagenigem UR researchers publish, know what they cite, and establish their impact. The presentation concluded by sharing the current content growth statistics for the repository, attributed to the digitisation of heritage collections and increased publishing.