AIMS Newsletter no. 21, August 2013

Register for 2nd RDA Plenary Meeting & join the Agricultural Data Group

The Second Research Data Alliance (RDA) Plenary Meeting is upcoming from 16-18 September, 2013 in Washington D.C., USA. Participants from all walks of the research/data world are invited to help define global data infrastructure in the fields they most care about and support the main objective of the Alliance: To accelerate and facilitate research data sharing and exchange across different research groups. Take a look at the programme and register!

The Agricultural Data Interoperability Interest Group (AGD IG) will be present to discuss its Charter and first Working Group on Wheat Data Interoperability. Are you working in this area too? Subscribe to the Agricultural Data group and participate in its face 2 face meeting on the 17th of September.

Research Data Alliance

  • Agricultural Data Interoperability Interest Group - Charter: The IG "will take stock of existing problems and experiences and will pave the way for a number of domain specific working groups to make precise proposals for solution in specific area. This interest group will help to promote good practices in our research domain: data sharing policies, data management plan, data interoperability." More info
  • Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group - Charter: "The working group aims to provide a common framework for describing, representing linking and publishing Wheat data with respect to open standards. Such a framework will promote and sustain Wheat data sharing, reusability and operability." More info
  • RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB) - Call for candidates: TAB provides technical expertise and advice to the Council, helps in the development of Working Groups case statements and outputs, is responsible for the technical approach of the RDA and the development and maintenance of an RDA Technical Roadmap document. More info
  • Open Research Data on the Horizon … and beyond: RDA Europe is organizing a preparatory workshop on the 10th of September in Munich, Germany. Goal: To discuss European aspects of global research data sharing and exchange. More info
  • RDA Newsletter - News update 21st August. More info


  • OpenAGRIS 0.9 released: new functionalities, resources and look. More info
  • Open Access: Improved open access Scientific Electronic Library launched in South Africa. More info
  • Vocabularies: Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus published as Linked Open Data. More info
  • Metadata: Development of a metadata schema describing Institutional Repository resources enhanced by ”LODE-BD” strategies. More info
  • AgriOcean DSpace: Zimbabwe Open University implemented AgriOceanDSpace for its institutional repository. More info and The DSpace 2013 Roadmap and 3-5 Year Vision. More info
  • Open Data: aWhere Platform to provide Satellite Derived Precipitation Data this fall. More info

Upcoming Events


What is Self-archiving? To deposit a digital document in a publicly accessible website, preferable an OAI compliant repository. (Resource: E-prints)
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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with José Luis Braga

Who are the users of AIMS and what do they think about agricultural information management standards? This month we interviewed José Luis Braga, professor at the Department of Informatics at Universidade Federal de Viçosa in Brazil.

Read the interview with Braga: "Quality information [...] will be the necessary fuel for development anywhere around the globe".

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