AccessAgriculture showcases a number of free agricultural training videos in different local languages

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An international NGO AccessAgriculture showcases a number of free agricultural training videos in different local languages. 

AccessAgriculture is a global leader enabling South-South exchange of and access to quality materials to secure sustainable livelihoods of smallholder farmers and users of natural resources. Resourses shared by AccessAgriculture tell vital first-hand stories, challenges and successes of different communities of practice, - to help you gain a better understanding of the problems experienced and enable to get the best solutions from the successful practices shared. 

AccessAgriculture is a useful platform for farmers, policy makers, Agricultural Research and Development (R&D) staff, service providers, extension agents, communication professionals and representatives of farmer organisations.

From July 2018, the whole AccessAgriculture platform is  functional also in Spanish! You can access it here: Bienvenidos a Access Agriculture.



Agricultural advisory services in developing countries face many challenges, one of which is to respond meaningfully to farmers’ diverse demands for advice on crop, livestock, fish, processing, business, finance and marketing issues. With limited resources advisors struggle to reach the millions of farmers

In 2012, two media companies, Agro-Insight (Belgium) and Countrywise Communication (UK), joined hands to set up the international NGO - Access Agriculture (registered in Kenya), with the aim to promote the sharing and use of agricultural training videos in developing countries. The main financial support has come from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) with helpful advice from many other national and international partners and sponsors.

As a group of passionate people (including governing board and advisory group) devoted to promoting effective agricultural training videos for the benefit of farmers and rural businesses, AA aims to:

  • Develop local language versions of, and disseminate agricultural training videos, in collaboration with 200+ communication professionals across the globe. All videos (distributed into 14 AccessAgriculture categories*) are designed to support sustainable agriculture in developing countries. Downloads are free, but you will have to register and provide your contact details.
  • Facilitate and build capacity for the production and translation of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos into local languages.
  • Improve access of youth, women, smallholder and marginalised farmers and users of natural resources to relevant knowledge through networks, partnerships, appropriate information and communication technologies and feedback mechanisms.
  • Help improve rural advisory services and agricultural education systems, help them value farmers’ knowledge and innovations, and encourage joint learning on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.



Roots, Tubers & Bananas



Fruits & Nuts

Other Crops



Sustainable Land Management

Integrated Pest Management


Business Skills



 # Guidelines for submitting videos

You can contact AccessAgriculture Team for translations into other local languages that are not yet listed. 

 # Guidelines for translating video 

GFAR has commissioned a series of short videos telling the farmers’ stories in their own words. The first video released is entitled Farmers’ Rights to Seed.

Read the blog post about this release

Share AccessAgriculture videos widely through your networks!

AccessAgriculture has a 15th category for Agtube videos. Here anyone can easy upload a video related to agriculture as long as it keeps to the basic guidelines for submitting videos to Agtube.

Just register, activate the account and start uploading your videos from mobile, tablet or computer. 

In the Impact section of the website, you will find information and stories about how others have used videos with farmers, we hope these will inspire you to share the videos.


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