Contributing bibliographic information to AGRIS

Earlier this year, the AGRIS Data Processing unit announced the New AGRIS Online Service Desk running on Agro-Know Stem service. This service is meant to streamline the submission of data to AGRIS and also to improve interaction between the AGRIS Data Providers and the processing unit. One of the 4 options available on the platform is to submit data to the AGRIS Processing Unit. Below l review the workflow and provide guidance on completing the essential needed information.

Contributing bibliographic information to AGRIS

This new service supports both new and old content providers. With regards to the new content providers, it is essential they get registered and be part of the AGRIS network as a first step, while for the returning providers the service allows them to share their updated collections. In both cases, all content providers need to be registered on the system. This is the brief workflow for registration:-

  1. Content Providers submit request
  2. Agro-know Data Processing Unit and Agro-know Stem team processes the request and activate the dashboard
  3. In the dashbard content providers submit information about their contact person, their institutional details and their collection
  4. Provider submits data.

Guidelines on how to complete your registration form

As stated in point 3. above the dashboard allows one to provide essential information about themselves, their institution and their collections. The AGRIS Data Processing team has provided guidelines on how to enter each piece of information requested on the dashboard. Fill-in the fields and especially those marked with “*”, which are mandatory. Once you are ready, just click on “Save”.

Download the guidelines here

Fig.1 Dashboard interface

More information for content providers