VocBench is a feature-rich RDF editor and workflow manager supporting a distributed editing framework for thesauri, glossaries, authority lists, code lists, taxonomies and classifications. Here are a few highlights:

Features and Functions

  • Search for concepts and relations
  • Add, update and delete concepts and relations
  • Navigate, open, close and browse hierarchies
  • Tab-based viewing of concept attributes
  • Support to concurrent, distributed usage
  • Able to manage and display LARGE schemes (AGROVOC has 32,000+ concepts in up to 25 languages, about 6 million triples)
  • Flexible concept management worflow with states such as proposed, validated, published, deprecated and more
  • Editorial workflow supporting customizable, ad-hoc user roles and rights configurable per language
  • Search, filter and view all changes made by users and save those settings for future sessions
  • Track of editorial changes and authorship of those changes
  • Full support for UTF-8
  • Store multiple concept schemes
  • Generate statistical reports regarding loaded concept schemes.


  • Java-based rich-client web application
  • Uses Google’s GWT framework
  • Search handled by Apache Lucene
  • VocBench version 2 is powered by Semantic Turkey, an extensible RDF management platform that supports most major triple-stores.