General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus

A thesaurus in 20+ languages for terms related to the environment and environmental data. Published by the European Environment Agency.Available in RDF without reuse constraints.The basic idea for the development of GEMET was to use the best of the presently available excellent multilingual thesauri, in order to save time, energy and funds. GEMET was conceived as a 'general' thesaurus, aimed to define a common general language, a core of general terminology for the environment. Specific thesauri and descriptor systems (e.g. on Nature Conservation, on Wastes, on Energy, etc.) have been excluded from the first step of development of the thesaurus and have been taken into account only for their structure and upper level terminology. The merging has been performed both on conceptual and formal basis. Coinciding concepts in the different thesauri have been identified and scored

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