FAO's AGRIS Webinar Series Empowering Agricultural Collaboration in South Africa

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), through its International System for Agricultural Science and Technology (AGRIS) and the FAO Representation in South Africa, recently inaugurated a webinar series to introduce participants to the AGRIS database and AGRIS Network. Welcoming over 90 participants from diverse African research, government, and academic institutions, the event marked a significant stride toward enhancing agricultural knowledge dissemination and fostering collaboration across the continent.

Mr. Babagana Ahmadu, South Africa FAO Representative, delivered the opening remarks expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the critical role of AGRIS as a platform for agricultural research and knowledge exchange, and highlighted FAO's commitment to empowering stakeholders in the country and fostering collaboration beyond South Africa.

Marcia Mabhula, Program Officer at the Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA), provided a comprehensive overview of AGRIS, delving into its history, structure, and the roles of data providers and users. Participants gained valuable insights into the current status of AGRIS in South Africa, including the number of available records and active data providers, highlighting the need for increased collaboration to enhance the global visibility of South African scientific knowledge.

The webinar provided an invaluable opportunity for participants to engage with the AGRIS ecosystem, explore the platform's capabilities, and identify avenues for collaboration. By bringing together stakeholders from academia, research institutions, and government agencies, the event fostered meaningful discussions and laid the groundwork for future collaborations.

As FAO continues its mission to empower stakeholders within the agricultural sector and advocate for sustainable development, initiatives such as the AGRIS webinar series play a pivotal role in fostering knowledge exchange and driving positive change in agricultural practices and policies.

The success of the AGRIS webinar in South Africa underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing agricultural research and innovation. AGRIS will continue to empower scientific communities, with support and engagement from stakeholders in South Africa and beyond.