Help us improve GOALI (Global Online Access to Legal Information) for You!

Dear Colleagues!

Almost a year has passed since Research4Life Programme launced its fifth programme, GOALI: Global Online Access to Legal Informationon the 6th of March 2018...


Given that GOALI seeks to address the growing demand for access to data, information and knowledge provided by academic legal resources,

it offers free or low cost online access to academic legal journals, publications and databases.

Researchers, students, librarians, policymakers, judges and legal experts (will) benefit from the access to GOALI content through eligible institutions. Your institution can be registed here. Note that institutions that are already registered for Research4Life will automatically receive access to GOALI.


After one year of operation, Research4Life would like to learn more about GOALI users and how it can improve this service.

You are kindly invited to participate in a short survey about your experience with the GOALI program.

Completing the survey will take up about 5 minutes of your time. 

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>> Achieving equal access to justice for all by 2030: lessons from global funds, by M.Manuel and C.Manuel, on Evidence.Ideas. Change, July 2018


Research4Life is a public-private partnership of the FAO of the United Nations, WHO, UNEP, WIPO, ILO, Cornell and Yale Universities, the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers and up to 175 international publishers. 

Research4Life has provided researchers of over 8,700 institutions in more than 115 low and middle-income countries with free or low-cost online access to up to 85,000 leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and books!

The goal of Research4Life is to reduce the knowledge gap between high-income countries and low and middle-income countries by providing affordable access to crucial scientific research. Research4Life includes five programmes, namely:

  1. AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture)
  2. HINARI (Access to Research for Health programme)
  3. OARE (Online access to research on the Environment)
  4. GOALI (Global Online Access to Legal Information
  5. ARDI (Access to Research for Development & Innovation)

>> Using the Research4Life portals (short video)

Did you know that You can now get Full-Text content via Research4Life/AGORA enhanced with new Country-Specific Search in Summon?

AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) Programme: some more details: 

  • Number of Journals and e-books: up to 13,700 key journals and 26,900 e-books  
  • Institutions registered: over 3,400 from 
  • Countries: 115
  • Number of Group B and Group A countries: 69 group A, 52 group B

>> AGORA webpage on the AIMS.FAO.ORG

Did you know that AGORA has now 46 New Subject Categories from the AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus?

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