License your Research Data with help of FACT SHEET on CREATIVE COMMONS & OPEN SCIENCE

This information guide contains questions and responses to common concerns surrounding open science and the implications of licensing data under Creative Commons licences.

It is intended to aid researchers, teachers, librarians, administrators and many others using and encountering Creative Commons licences in their work.

In particular, this guideline goes through the following issues : 

1. What is Open Science?

2. How should I license my data for the purposes of Open Science?

3. But I would like attribution when others use my dataset.
In that case, shouldn’t I use a CC BY licence?

4. I’m uncomfortable with others using my research for commercial purposes.
Should I use a non-commercial licence for my dataset?

5. I’m uncomfortable permitting use of my research for any and all purposes.
Should I use a ‘No Derivatives’ (ND) licence for my dataset?

6. What happens if I use ‘Share Alike’ (SA) licensed material in my work?
Does that mean I have to make my work available under the same SA licence?

7. It sounds like you’re really pushing for the use of CC0 for open science datasets.

Source: ‘Fact Sheet on Creative Commons and Open Science’, Creative Commons UK, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.840652, CC BY 4.0,