Open Science - Altmetrics and Rewards - Incentives and Rewards to engage in Open Science Activities

This thematic report (published by European Commission, Research & Innovation) provides a systematic overview of the advantages and challenges of supporting Open Science activities, and the incentives and rewards that most effectively encourage the adoption and implementation of Open Science policies. 

Building on discussions among participants in the Mutual Learning Exercise on Open Science, the report identifies key concerns and feedback by Member States on how Open Science can and should be fostered.

It then suggests the incentives and rewards (and related motivations and strategies) that apply to three groups of key stakeholders in Open Science:

1) Researchers themselves; 
2) Research-performing institutions and funding bodies; and 
3) National governments. 

In conclusion, a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of incentive is provided, with suggestions on who is responsible for managing its implementation.