Unfold Open Data with APERTIO


With the proliferation of computing power and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, there is growing focus on leveraging Big Data across markets and verticals, but a new bottleneck is building up - the availability of high quality big data sources. Open Data is a potential game-changer in this field...

APERTIO SOLUTION: the industry's first global database and search engine for Open Data

APERTIO Technologies has built the industry's first global database and search engine for Open Data- APERTIO. Through its unique database of Open Data - by far the largest of its kind in the world, covering more than 2000 (!) Open Data sites and trillions (!) of records worldwide - APERTIO opens a portal to data, information and insight that have so far been out of reach.


APERTIO ’s advanced algorithms enhance classification and tagging of Open Data to enable superior discovery, relevance and usability, so that each user can find the data that truly addresses their needs. In addition, APERTIO is the only solution enabling in-data search, "looking" into these mega-files and uncovering the business and strategic insight within the data.

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